Bitglass Raises $25 Million To Serve And Protect Online Enterprise Data

Online security startup Bitglass announced yesterday that it has raised additional capital to expand and provide its services to more enterprises. Bitglass said it has secured $25 million in funding from various corporations like Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Z74), a corporate investing subsidiary of SingTel Group, NEA, Norwest and an unnamed large global bank. This brings up the total financing for the company to $35 million.

Bitglass was founded in 2013 by Nat Kausik and his teams of engineers in Campbell, California. The company now has around 40 employees, and disclosed its plans in January of expanding vertically into healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, banks and other financial services which have shown interest in the internet-protection service. The company has already started generating revenue from a subscription fee of $5 or $10 per user per month, and plans to grow sales through expanded marketing and technological development. The number of subscriptions are still undisclosed.

The security function of Bitglass protects its users from the hazards on the internet in a number of ways. Bitglass creates a protected channel of communication if you sign in with your mobile, tablet or laptop. The document you view or upload on the cloud server will be encrypted and only the person who has the set password will be able to view or download the file.

Bitglass also monitors the devices of employees of its customers who are using cloud storage services like Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox. This way the company says it can track the activities of the employees to ensure full oversight. Bitglass can also protect simple things like emails in which the email account user is redirected to a Bitglass proxy server after signing into the email. The server can then impose the security over and above the security of the email service providers. Other services include device security, data tracking and visibility.

As an added feature, there is no need to sign into the Bitglass protected server every time a user switches on the device; instead they are automatically connected as soon as they start using the device. This eliminates security as a barrier so that it is easy to adapt to the cloud services.

Bitglass services eliminate the uneasiness of corporations that store data outside their own premises and the need for surveillance activities by the National Security Agency. This is a reason why enterprises are going towards a solution, which is being offered by Bitglass.